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Resources from Cabot

Taking Control of Our Happin​ess

Dr. Mulfinger discusses "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin and how she decided to start a happiness gathering with women in her neighborhood.

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Thanksgiving Dinner: It's Just A Meal

Amanda Mulfinger discusses Thanksgiving and ways to rethink the meal part of the deal.

Resources from Cabot

Clearing Out The Cobwebs, De-Cluttering Your Life

Dr. Mulfinger discusses how de-cluttering your life can have lasting impacts beyond just your physical surroundings.

Resources from Cabot
Resources from Cabot
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Resources from Cabot
Resources from Cabot
Resources from Cabot
Resources from Cabot

Saying Goodbye to a Much Loved Pet

Dr. Mulfinger discusses the grieving process that follows the loss of a beloved pet.

Shedding Some Light on Mental Health
Dr. Mulfinger advocates for the presence of natural light in the morning and how a daily walk has had a big impact on her personal life.

Resources from Cabot

Taking the Fear Out of Halloween Candy
Dr. Amanda Mulfinger discusses taking away the fears around Halloween candy and not overeating.

Responding to Uncertainty: Finding Inner Peace in Troubled Times
Dr. Amanda Mulfinger discusses strategies on how to productively cope with fear, anger and uncertainty in today’s charged political climate.​

New Year's Resolutions Aren't For Everyone
Dr. Amanda Mulfinger discusses how January 1st is just another day, and you aren’t likely to become an entirely new person in 2017, all because you’ve made the perfect new year’s resolutions.

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Stages of Change: Breaking A Ba​d Habit
Dr. Amanda Mulfinger discusses working through the stages of change to break a bad habit. In this case, it was about giving up diet soda and living healthier.

Finding A Therapist
Dr. Mulfinger tries to demystify the process involved in finding a therapist. She provides steps to follow and resources to consider.