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Cabot Psychological Services

Work Past Your Issues

It's natural to argue or disagree on occasion. But when you find yourself at odds with your partner more often than not, it's time to address the situation before it gets worse. 

The therapists at Cabot Psychological Services can work with you and your partner to help you better communicate and work through the issues impacting your relationship.

Start Today

You and your partner deserve to be happy with one another, and therapists at Cabot Psychological Services want to help.

​To set up an appointment and learn more about your options for treatment, please call or text (952) 831-2000, email, or fill out the Contact form.
Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Relationships are hard. And sustaining a long-term relationship or relationship takes effort, dedication, and lots of hard work. But sometimes, even the most seemingly ideal relationships can start to suffer. And often, life's stresses and demands can take a toll on even the most stable of relationships.

So if you and your partner could use some help with the issues you're currently facing, come to the therapists at Cabot Psychological Services for couples counseling.
Cabot Psychological Services

Cabot Psychological Services

Good health involves a lot more than eating well and exercising. The way we think and behave affects every aspect of our lives, and our goal at Cabot Psychological Services is to maximize people’s health by focusing on the mind—a very powerful tool. We help people use their own strengths to help them overcome difficult situations and emotions. Learn More