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University of Minnesota

  • BA (1984) Philosophy
  • MSW (2012) Clinical Social Work


  • MSW Internship providing individual therapy and co-facilitating support groups
  • 80 hours of DBT training
  • ​40 hours of EFT training


  • Mental Health Professional at BeechWood, Inc.'s ARMHS (Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services) program
  • Mental Health Practitioner at Family Support Services, Inc.'s ARMHS program
  • Independent Living Skills Specialist at BeechWood, Inc.
  • Residential Instructor at Opportunity Partners
  • Counselor at Walk-In Counseling Center
  • Support Group Co-Facilitator at Children Are People
  • Support Group Co-Facilitator at Chrysalis, A Center for Women (now known as Tubman)
  • Telephone Crisis Counselor at YES/NEON (later known as Crisis Connection)

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“Do you see me?”

“Do I matter to you?”

“Can I depend on you?“

Cynthia can help you explore these and other questions that can lead to creating and sustaining a secure connection between you and others. That connection can be the key to helping you to develop resilience in the face of the depression, anxiety or trauma symptoms you may be facing alone.​

Cynthia Conrad, MSW, LICSW
Minnesota License #22033

And if you are or were in a relationship with a significant other, does this scenario sound familiar -- One of you desperately chases after the other, while the other is unable to respond in a way that is fulfilling? Or perhaps there’s been a betrayal of the trust between you?

Based on the science of attachment, Emotionally Focused Therapy is a potent, proven intervention that can help to open communication patterns between individuals. Cynthia invites you to allow her to help you to heal your relationship bonds or to clarify where you are in your relationship.

Online scheduling is available or you may call Cynthia at 651-338-2455 or email her at

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