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Dr. Carrie Dorson
Lee Cunningham

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Doug Petrie, MA, LPCC

952-831-2000 x-713

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Cabot Psychological Services, PLLC
7400 Metro Boulevard #216, Edina, Minnesota 55439
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Doug Petrie
Erin Peterson

Meet The Team

Leah R. Gause, PsyD, LP
Licensed Psychologist

952-831-2000 x-712

Lee Cunningham, MPS, LADC, LPCC
Licensed Clinical Therapist

952-831-2000 x-700

Stephanie Martin

Emily Oberlander, MA, LPCC

952-831-2000 x-704

Emily Oberlander
Leah Gause
Dr. Angie Sovak
Richard Scanlon

Erin C. Peterson, MA, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

952-831-2000 x-707

Stephanie Martin, MA, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

952-831-2000 x-709

Angie Sovak, PsyD, LP
Licensed Psychologist

952-831-2000 x-702

Carrie Dorson, PsyD, LP
Clinical Psychologist

952-831-2000 x-705

Clinicians in Edina

Amanda Mulfinger, PhD, LP
President & Owner

952-831-2000 x-703

Dr. Amanda Mulfinger
Dr. Angie Sovak

Christopher Mulfinger
Office Manager

952-831-2000 x-710

Richard Scanlon, MA, LP

952-831-2000 x-706