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As a licensed psychologist, Emily has experience working with adults in individual or group settings. Emily also has experience and training as a DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) clinician helping people learn how to build the lives they want to live. Emily also identifies as an LGBTQ provider and understands how the LGBTQ community has struggled with a variety of society-induced challenges, including stigma, discrimination, coming out, and transitions. Emily has experience working with people experiencing a variety of challenges, including depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, personality disorders, grief/loss, and adjustments to life stressors. 


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Emily Abeln Cabot Psychological Services

Emily is an independent contractor working with Cabot Psychological Services.


     University of St. Thomas

           MA in Counseling Psychology (2004)

    Wittenberg University

           BA in Psychology (1996)


  • Master’s Practicum at Neighborhood Involvement Programs – Counseling Center
  • Certified DBT Therapist​


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Emily Abeln, MA, LP

Minnesota License #5247

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” - Anais Nin

Emily believes that engaging in talk therapy can be one of the most courageous steps a person can take in their journey to self-discovery, healing, wellness, and hope. Emily uses humor and empathy to build a strong therapeutic relationship from which to offer validation and support for her clients. Emily approaches therapy from a strengths-based perspective, working with each individual to gain insight into their lives and find the strength and courage to work through life’s challenges and suffering to find healing and live authentic whole-hearted lives. 

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  • Mental Health Professional at the Stark Mental Health Clinic of People Incorporated, a non-profit community mental health clinic providing outpatient mental health services to people experiencing a wide array of mental health concerns
  • Clinical Supervisor/Program Manager at Mental Health Resources, Inc., a non-profit agency providing community-based mental health services to adults recovering from serious mental illness