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St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

  • MA in Counseling Psychology (2010)

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

  • BA in Global Studies, Geography (2002)

Her therapeutic approach is founded in an existential understanding of the human condition. Her technique incorporates compassion, presence, pragmatism, and occasionally irreverence to assist clients in overcoming whatever might be holding them back, be it anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, grief, an adjustment disorder, or experiences of trauma. She enjoys working primarily with adults of all ages and backgrounds, spiritual/faith perspectives, and cultures. She has experience in a variety of mental health settings, including crisis triage, residential, educational, and diversionary settings.

The normative developmental process involves interpreting our environment and the way that we fit into it. We may make conclusions about who we are, or about our worth as a person based on individual experiences that shape us. Traumatic experiences or dysfunctional family systems may further complicate this tenuous balance. We may find over time that our “go-to” preferences for dealing with relationships, hardships, and challenges have become the very things that are holding us back.

Emily partners with her clients to help guide them and to objectively and non-judgmentally assist them in uncovering the aspects of their lives that need mending, to assist clients in attending to those areas for greater ease in functioning, flexible thinking, and authentic living.

Emily is married, has two wonderful bonus-children, is head-over-heels for her dog Frank, and is a veteran of the U.S. Army. She enjoys working with her fellow veterans.

This clinician is unable to take clients with Cigna insurance.

Emily Oberlander, MA, LPCC
Minnesota License #508

Emily is an independent contractor working with Cabot Psychological Services.


"Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength." - Saint Francis de Sales -

Even the most well adjusted of us encounter situations or experiences that may require some professional help working through. Sometimes the natural aging process or a personal crisis brings us to a place of seeking guidance. Emily considers it her unique privilege and honor to be part of her clients' journey on their path to encountering their whole self.

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