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An Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat is a three-day, weekend-long option offered by Stephanie Martin at Cabot Psychological Services. 

An intensive retreat works well for couples who are:

Cost and Time Commitment

The Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat costs $3500 for both of you and includes all materials you'll use during the retreat, follow-up contact and both snacks and lunch (because you can't change your marriage without snacks!). 

Payment can be made via cash, check, credit card or Parasail, which offers fixed-rate loans to pay off larger balances in monthly payments that can be spread out over two years.

The time commitment is Friday night 6-9pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9-3:30 with a half-hour break for lunch.  

Why A Weekend Retreat?

While traditional couples counseling can be an effective therapeutic tool, couples can find themselves losing momentum from week to week and not being able to practice skills while receiving direct coaching.

Intensive therapy keeps the momentum going as you work directly with Stephanie over the course of the three-day retreat. You will also have structured homework throughout the weekend to continue the process even when you are not meeting with Stephanie. Couples with children should consider getting a babysitter so you can continue to focus on your relationship when at home.
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- in real trouble
- have experienced a recent betrayal
- need a major tune-up
- on the brink of divorce/separation
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Schedule Today

To schedule a retreat weekend or to discuss any questions you may have about this process, please contact Stephanie directly at 952-832-2000.

Cabot Psychological Services is located in Edina, just north of Hwy. 100 and Interstate 494.

Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat

What Is Involved

Before your retreat even begins both members of the couple will complete homework to help provide clarity on the issues each of you believe are holding you back or keeping you stuck.

The weekend itself will include traditional therapy techniques, experiential exercises, and mindfulness skills/practices (including some light yoga and an introduction into meditation) to help learn how to calm the fight or flight response that so often inhibits effective communication, and ultimately intimacy, for couples. 

Stephanie will be direct with you about what she believes is needed to create the relationship you desire. She will also develop a follow-up action plan for you to follow once the weekend is over.  Additionally, you will receive a booklet about everything you've worked on, and will schedule a follow-up session roughly two weeks after the intensive retreat to check-in on your progress.