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Max Abeln Cabot Psychological Services

Max Abeln, MA, LMFT
Minnesota License #2339

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Max has experience working with couples, families, and individual adults and adolescents. Max practices from an emotion focused, skills-based approach and views individuals and relationship dynamics from a holistic perspective. Max is a warm and compassionate person who finds that both empathy and humor are crucial components to building a trusting and honest relationship with clients.


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     St. Mary's University
         Certificate (2008) in Marriage and Family Therapy

     University of St. Thomas
         MA (2004) in Counseling Psychology

     Creighton University
         BA (2001) in Spanish, Theology, and Justice & Peace Studies

MA internship at The Sexual Violence Center, a rape crisis center supporting victims of sexual assault

MFT practicum at Northwest Youth and Family Services, a non-profit social service and mental health agency

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at The Emily Program, a multi-disciplinary eating disorders clinic headquartered in St. Paul

Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Treatment Coordinator through Volunteers of America at Children's Residential Treatment Center, an intensive residential treatment facility in Minneapolis for children and adolescents

Mental Health Practitioner/Professional at Ramsey County-Children and Family Services Division in St. Paul

verified by Psychology Today

Max identifies as an LGBT provider and understands that members of the LGBT community experience social stigma and may have struggled with emotions associated with harassment and discrimination, coming out to family and friends, or a variety of other situations unique to the LGBT community. Max also has extensive experience working with couples and families, chemical dependency, anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, personality disorders, grief and loss, and suffering that results from unresolved family of origin issues. 

Please know that it takes courage to reach out for help and it is the first step in the practice of vulnerability that will ultimately help to alleviate your suffering and create more joy in your life.

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The Chemistry of Joy  by M.D. Henry Emmons and Rachel Kranz

Resources Max often recommends to clients:

It is Max's belief that life includes suffering and that there are two influential ways that we create more suffering for ourselves. The first is isolation that results from not practicing vulnerability and connection in our relationships and the second is struggling with a lack of acceptance of our realities.


Max is here to help by offering support and validation as well as reliable psychological techniques to help you through whatever current struggles you are encountering.