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All These Food Posts Are​ Making Us Fat

Who's sharing the pix of these crazy meals — your pals, or paid advertisers?


Handling the Anxiety of Being a Solo Lawyer

Dr. Mulfinger discusses with Minnesota Lawyer how counseling can help a lawyer who feels as if anxiety is getting in the way of work.


Behind the Business with Amanda Mulfinger

FS Local profile of Dr. Amanda Mulfinger, owner of Cabot Psychological Services.


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Five Ways You're Wasting Money During the Holidays

U.S News and World Report article about ways to spend your money smarter during the holiday season with quotes from Dr. Mulfinger.


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Seven Subtle Signs You Have An Anxiety Disorder

Dr. Mulfinger provides insight in this Medical Daily article about ways to distinguish between nervousness and an anxiety disorder.


Cabot In Other Media
Cabot In Other Media

Why Is It Hard For Adults To Make Friends?

As we get older, it can feel harder and harder to make friends. Max Abeln provides insights on the topic in this Rewire article.


Cabot In Other Media

Cabot In Other Media

Setting Goals in 2017: Turning Your Resolutions into Reality

With New Year’s resolutions at the top of everyone’s mind, CLV Blog consulted with Dr. Mulfinger and other experts and business professionals on how best to turn these goals into a reality. 


Cabot In Other Media
Cabot In Other Media
Cabot In Other Media