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Good health involves a lot more than eating well and exercising. The way we think and behave affects every aspect of our lives, and our goal at Cabot Psychological Services is to maximize people’s health by focusing on the mind—a very powerful tool. We help people use their own strengths to help them overcome difficult situations and emotions.

From our Edina offices, our therapists prioritize the comfort and wellbeing of our clients, with a therapy style that incorporates warmth, empathy and creativity. We integrate well-practiced and well-supported psychological techniques as best fit our clients, and treat most forms of psychopathology, including depression, anxiety, trauma and insomnia, as well as simple (or complicated!) life stressors.

Effective Psychotherapy

We recognize that life can be overwhelming for even the most put-together individuals. Sometimes people just need an objective ear, and we will provide that, along with multiple years of training and practice. Our providers have experience working in the medical field (specifically with traumatic brain injury--TBI), as well as a variety of other common psychological challenges.

Solid skills and a non-judgmental attitude are the hallmarks of successful psychotherapy. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please email info@cabotpsychologicalservices.com, call or text (952) 831-2000 or fill out our Contact form.

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​Our team is experienced in treating a wide array of issues and disorders. Meet the Team