Cabot Psychological Services
Cabot Psychological Services
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Cabot Psychological Services offers testing and assessment services covering a variety of topics including:

Testing and Assessments

Testing and Assessments

Cabot Psychological Services

Good health involves a lot more than eating well and exercising. The way we think and behave affects every aspect of our lives, and our goal at Cabot Psychological Services is to maximize people’s health by focusing on the mind—a very powerful tool. We help people use their own strengths to help them overcome difficult situations and emotions. Learn More

  • disability assessments
  • IQ/achievement testing
  • ADHD assessments
  • personality assessments
  • employment screening
  • career assessments

The American Psychological Association has a useful resource page on their website that details what might be involved in psychological testing and assessments. This page can be a helpful resource answering any questions you may have about how testing and assessments are used by psychologists to assist their clients.