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Reiki Energy Therapy is available from Stephanie Martin in 30, 45 and 60 minute increments. The pricing for these sessions is $50, $70 and $90 respectively.
Reiki energy assists in aligning our energy with that of the universe.  When we are aligned with the universe, we are supported in letting go of limiting beliefs and fears that no longer serve us and inhibit connection to our higher selves. Fear is a mighty obstacle to tackle. Fear of rejection and abandonment are natural responses to shedding old beliefs and changing unhealthy patterns.  "If I show up as who I am will people still like me?"  

​Reiki supports your soul through this transformation and helps illuminate the path of coming home to your divine essence.

Reiki Energy Therapy

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To schedule a Reiki Session or to discuss any questions you may have about this process, please contact Stephanie directly at 952-832-2000 ext. 709.

Cabot Psychological Services is located in Edina, just north of Hwy. 100 and Interstate 494.

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Reiki Energy Therapy is used to promote self healing and encourages our body, mind, and spirit into more focused contact with our true essence or authentic self.