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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Treatment

Watching a friend or loved one recover from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be extremely painful. And if you're suffering from a TBI yourself, you're no doubt feeling the physical and emotional toll. 

But you don't have to struggle with your recovery alone. Cabot Psychological Services, in Edina, Minnesota, provides treatment to patients with mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries.
Cabot Psychological Services

The ultimate goal of therapy is to provide a supportive environment while helping reduce the impact of setbacks, help the person return to a productive life and assist with any school, community, or employment re-entry needs.

After growing up in Minnesota, Dr. Mulfinger spent time in Boston getting her B.A. at Harvard, then moved to Alabama to obtain her Masters and Doctorate at Auburn University. In addition to really coming to appreciate Minnesota--the people, the values, the way of life, she also got to experience widely varying cultures on the East Coast and in the South. She is pleased to be practicing in Minnesota, and her time away gave her more experience to draw upon in therapy.  Learn More About Amanda

Dr. Amanda Mulfinger Cabot Psychological Services

Amanda Mulfinger, PhD, LP

Moving Forward

Dr. Amanda Mulfinger at Cabot Psychological Services has extensive experience in helping TBI patients incorporate compensation strategies into their lives at the same time that they are working to improve and recover their functions. The therapeutic approach is person-centered, reflecting the unique needs, challenges and priorities of the person being served.  

Help Is Available

Rather than struggle through this difficult time, contact Dr. Amanda Mulfinger at Cabot Psychological Services for help moving forward with your life. 

For more information about your options for TBI treatment or to set up an appointment, please call or text (952) 831-2000, email, or fill out the Contact form on this website.
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